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Stations of the Cross: Sacred Face: Christ the Master of Nonverbal Communication

Artist: Father Waldemar Maciag

Born in communist Poland, Father Maciag was raised by a loving family which nurtured his love of God, people, music and painting. During his last year of high school, Father Maciag began developing his artistic style while being mentored by local artists. After graduation, he continued his quest of a career as an artist and entered many of his works in local and national competitions earning him numerous awards. It was during this time that he answered his call to the priesthood. In this first year as a seminarian, he suffered a debilitating accident to his right hand and was told he would never regain use of it. Through the insistence of his Bishop and persistent prayer, several surgeries were performed. It is through God’s grace that he has regained almost complete use of his hand and can now paint again for the Glory of God!

Sacred Beauty Sleep

He is sleeping in the most peaceful moment a man could ever imagine. Look at His Sacred Face… Don’t you think that His dreams are acts of pure imagination manifesting His creative power? But… what is He dreaming about anyway? I will never know! Maybe while He sleeps His soul is writing love letters to us – His loved ones…

Sacred Self-Effacing Humility

Here you are Lord… the most honest, reflective and self-effacing which makes You a sacred recipient of our confidences. You are the only one I know who is not wearing your successes on your sleeve or advertising them to the public. Your humility lives in your soul and it is seen in your eyes. Transform my soul… Transform my eyes… Please, take away from me the humility I know and give me the humility I should know.

Sacred Tenderness

Your eyes are made of tenderness, Your lips are made of tenderness, Your arms… Your hands… Your heart… Your feet are made of tenderness! Tenderness makes you charming! I am not ashamed to profess my faith in your tenderness. You defeated everything by forgiveness and You won by tenderness.

Sacred Compassion

Is there any kind of danger or trouble… any kind of rock bottom… and any human being that had to go through anything without God offering us a helping hand? Jesus’ compassion is the cornerstone of His interactions with people. It is an essence of Who He is… simply, His passion! By His own compassion He makes my misery His own! And that is true compassion!

Sacred Fortitude

I find in Jesus a perfect definition of fortitude: Courage, strength of character, confidence, conviction, bravery, temperament, backbone… etc. All that keeps Him on top! Fortitude is His principle of not fleeing danger! He puts Himself in danger for the sake of Truth.

Sacred Meekness

Your meekness is not your weakness! It is actually your spiritual POWER! You went through terrible sufferings with meekness… for my sake! How can I repay you? Every day I am asking you to help me to copy successfully the pattern of Your meekness… I know I need it. Maybe if I come closer to you and like your favorite apostle John, lay down my head on your chest I will get it more… Hmm… maybe? May I….?

Sacred Exhaustion

I got it! His exhaustion is not like ours: The handmaidens of legislative decisions! To do something according to God’s request makes us exhausted before we even start it! Jesus on the other hand had an ambition to die of exhaustion… Sacred Exhaustion! Each them Christ picked He worked to exhaustion! He proved that becoming a Hero is a history of the exhaustion of men’s possibilities!

Sacred Humiliation

It is sad to see you humiliated! You are the only God who made humiliation the center of your own life… You make it SACRED! What amazes me is that you never humiliated a man but you allowed him to humiliate you! And I finally figured out what you did that! Your humiliation was the beginning of your sanctification! Your transparency became others’ humiliation.

Sacred Courtesy

Jesus is a sower of courtesy which reaps Him so many friends. Once He gave me a key to His heart and He told me that I should entitled to the courtesy of a visit. I felt special! Then He said: My definition of courtesy simple, politeness of heart and gentleness of spirit! Watching Him I figured out that mighty power comes from a small act of courtesy! His actions convinced me that He is a Prince of Courtesy! He provides and offers me everything by courtesy of His own spiritual management!

Sacred Pensive

I see His eyes upraised… Jesus’ pensive mood flashes upon His inward eyes! His pensive face looks so innocent! His pensive quietness gives Him majesty and venerability. What a bless of solitude! Jesus doesn’t look lost in thoughts!!! He looks devout and pure! He inspires me to listen, to learn, to think… deeply! And I will! Because I want this sacred pensive to get me… I was to be lost in it!

Sacred Bowing

This simple gesture of Yours, Jesus lowering your torso and head tells me how humble I should become! The depth of your bow is related to the degree of respect, humility, sincerity, deference towards God, the Father. I am bowing with You Jesus and when I do, I make my body a piece of art! I am approaching my Heavenly Father always with emotion so that my soul is able to articulate each note of my reverent song.

Sacred Self-Expression

Oh Jesus… you showed true aspects of yourself to the world… nothing was hidden about you! Your sacred self-expression reminds me about the importance of my authentic self. You encourage me to reveal myself: my perceptions, my emotions…so I can build my confidence in the creative spirit. With you, there is no untold story about me. Because of you I am different and only for you, I am irreplaceable. I want to be myself… but only with your guidance!

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